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Scientific Research

Environmental Studies

In a series of tests were conducted 30 mins before and 30 mins after Agnihotra, at various location in India. It was noted Agnihotra performance had a marked influence on the atmospheric values. The PM10 and PM 2.5 values decreased, levels of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Di Oxide were reduced, Oxygen levels stabilized and the levels of other pollutants like Oxides of Nitrogen and Ammonia were also reduced.

Bacteriostatic Effect

In a series of experiments conducted by a group of microbiologists & pathologists, the behavior of micro flora was studied in the atmosphere generated by Agnihotra. It was observed that the Agnihotra atmosphere was markedly Bacteriostatic. In it more than 96% growth of bacteria was inhibited. Agnihotra atmosphere acted as a shield in which bacteria, especially the pathogenic types were not allowed to grow. In another set of trials conducted in the highly polluted areas, similar results were noted.

In tests conducted on microbial contamination in water and soil, it was seen that Agnihotra Ash caused a 80% reduction the count.

It was observed that there is definite reduction in aerial, water borne and soil micro flora after performing Agnihotra and addition of Agnihotra Ash.

Physical And Emotional Well Being

Doctors studied the physiological effects of Agnihotra on the human mind and body. It was observed that during the performance of Agnihotra, the high pulse rate showed a declining trend, body temperature was lowered, High Blood pressure levels were reduced, High Blood Sugar Levels were also reduced and the Respiratory rate normalized.

The EEG showed constant changes, power in Alpha band increased, while there was a tendency of suppression in delta wave. It has been concluded that Agnihotra atmosphere has distinct beneficial effects on mind and body leading to mental tranquility and physical wellbeing.

Beneficial Effect Of Agnihotra On Children

At the Vishwa run schools we have noticed marked difference in children performing Agnihotra. The effects of Agnihotra atmosphere on the minds of children are excellent. Agnihotra instills good Sanskaar or positivity in them. Children with special needs tend to calm down and respond much more favorably to their treatment in Agnihotra atmosphere.

Children have been known to concentrate more easily on their studies in this atmosphere. It has been seen that the capacity to focus increases as well. Children have also shown higher resistance to diseases and have shown excellent growth parameters.

Enhanced Willpower And Confidence Level

Countless individuals hailing from all walks of life and all parts of the world confirm unanimously that Agnihotra has brought a new dawn of peace, contentment and fulfillment in their lives. Enhanced levels of confidence and motivation are experienced by all of them with the practice of Agnihotra. They all have shared a feedback that Agnihotra helped them find a new level of inner peace and happiness.

De Addiction

Practice of Agnihotra has been found useful in drug and alcohol de-addiction programs.

A study was conducted with alcohol and drug abuse victims. It was observed, 80% participants wanted to give up addiction completely. 70% were regretful of having taken up addiction and 85% of the participants never went back to any addiction. Interestingly, 65% participants wanted to help fellow addicts get out of the habit.

They all said that Agnihotra gave them positive strength to the mind and enhanced motivation to quit the addiction.

Water Purification

Agnihotra Ash was added to contaminated and polluted water placed in beakers. It was seen that the ash helped to lower the PH levels, reduced pathogen count and hardness.

Benefits In Farming And Gardening

Agnihotra ash and its resultant atmosphere are being employed as useful in Ecological and Organic Farming practices. Hundreds of farmers are regularly practicing Agnihotra farming methods. The fruits, vegetables and grains grown by this method are qualitatively better in texture, taste and size as compared to controlled farms where regular use of pesticides and fertilizers is done. Agnihotra atmosphere induces rapid seed germination. The shoot growth is better and the root strength is also improved. Agnihotra ash is an effective fertilizer and helps in releasing soluble phosphate from the soil and improves nitrogen fixation.

Radio Activity

A study was conducted where 50 gms of radioactive rice grains were immersed in a solution of Agnihotra Ash and water for 15 days. On Day One the grains showed a count of up to 200 Bq/Kg. On the 15th day the radiation levels had dropped down to 3 Bq/Kg.

Tranquility Through Agnihotra

Researchers working in the area of Kirilian photography concluded that the aura of plants and human hand prints changed from high stress levels to an aura of tranquility.

A lot of information has been gathered on the effects of Agnihotra. But we cannot say yet that we have understood all the aspects of the impact Agnihotra has on our lives. Many more research projects are being planned and many are already under way to know in greater depths. Agnihotra has proved to be not just a practice, but a complete lifestyle. It is a lifestyle that is in tune with the rhythms of nature and helps us create balance within ourselves.