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There are 3 ways to adapt to Agnihotra lifestyle. Lets look at the Healing in detail.


Health and illness both depend on the well being of the body, mind and soul. They are seen on the body, but the real source is deep within. We cannot create health or fight disease by just treating the physical symptoms. To create real health or to completely remove a disease we have to start working from deep within ourselves.
- Ayurveda

The Swasthya is a unique health and well being concept based on ancient wisdom like Ayurveda, Yoga, etc and the teachings of healing masters and Yogi’s, passed on from Guru to disciple for many centuries. Designed and developed by Vishwa, Swasthya is a holistic and integrated approach to well being.

Swasthya is a Sanskrit word which when literally translated, means, Swa- self and Sthya-to be present, situated, located.

The definition of being well or healthy is when one is in contact with ones true self and feels harmonious at the Body, Mind and Spirit levels.


All the healers and masters on whose teachings this healing technique is based had a deep understanding and reverence for nature. They all had kept the nature around as a center point in there work and had created healing concepts based on a balance with the nature within us and around us. They had put forward healing techniques that could harness the healing power of nature and use it to create a unique curative and rejuvenating experience. They say that we are an integral part of nature and if we learn to live in a balance with the rhythms of nature, we can attain great heights of health and happiness.

The nature around us is resplendent and glorious. It is filled with tremendous amounts of pure energy, wisdom and potential. And we are nature’s finest creation. The five elements that the universe is made of; Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space, are a source of tremendous energy and infinite potential. We’re all made from the same elements and possess a similar reservoir of energy within us waiting to be explored. Our true Radiant Self is not the body that we see, but the pure radiant consciousness that has limitless possibilities.

If our life is in tune with the rhythms of nature we can unleash this immense energy within and create a life that we dream of.

Now can you imagine the amount of energy, wisdom and potential that lies within us?

Once we realize it and exert to explore our true radiant self, we can lead a life that’ll enable us to handle stress better, become healthier and fitter, fight disease effectively, keep negative emotions at bay, find emotional solace, achieve excellence, overcome trauma and become happier beings, spreading good vibration amongst people we come in contact with. And most importantly, when we are happy, we make the choices that drive and lead us to achieve greater success.

Five Point Program

The body has a very powerful healing mechanism. To heal the body all we need to do is keep it intact by making right lifestyle choices and than step out of its way and let it do its job.
- Dr. Purushottam

Swasthya is made up of five principles which creates transformation in the body and the mind.

Using techniques from ancient sciences like Ayurveda, Yoga, etc. Swasthya helps to not only create fitness and well being but also fight disease and recreate the original state of health.

  • Connect

    Swasthya’s Counselling and Consultation imparts eternal wisdom and knowledge to identify our true self and connect with the nature within and around us
  • Purify

    Swasthya Detox techniques to remove physical and emotional stresses and toxins
  • Heal

    Swasthya Diet and Nutrition program to restore the original balance of the body-mind complex
  • Energize

    Swasthya Exercise techniques to energize the body-mind on a daily basis
  • Awaken

    Swasthya Meditation techniques to help us realize our true potential
How does it work

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